Payroll management

LPG Paris provides payroll services for its clients and the social contribution declarations

Managing pay slips

LPG Paris manages the complete pay slip process and collects the necessary data to track the total salary, overtime, and absences by sickness or accidents.

Our experts will also manage your pay slips benefits, the certificates (work certificate, wage certificate, settlement), printing and mailing of your pay slips and will handle payroll.

Establishing and management of social security declarations

For your social contribution declarations, our experts will help you in the following areas:

  • Issue a declaration of employment to URSSAF (single declaration of employment)
  • Issue a declaration of URSSAF, Assedic, contributory and non-contributory pension scheme, foresight, DADS, taxes)
  • Assist you during the inspection (URSSAF …)
  • The implementation of PERCO, comprehensive pension plans
  • Issue a declaration of workers with disabilities


Management of personnel

LPG Paris advises you on drafting employment contracts: permanent employment contract, temporary work contract, part-time employment contract, contracts specifically for young people (apprenticeship contract, graduation contract, adaptation contract, guidance contract, employment contract for young people, social integration contract…), employment initiative contract, solidarity employment contract.

LPG Paris will assist you in drafting internal rules and companies’ agreement…

Our experts will answer your questions on labour laws: statutory working hours, the maximum working time, daily breaks, weekly breaks, night shifts, special leave (maternity leave, classes, sabbatical leave), disciplinary action, dismissals, negotiated departures.

  • French employees working for companies established outside of France (with the possibility of having representatives within France)
  • Foreign companies (whose head office is located abroad) can recruit staff in France with the following options:
  • Registering directly under URSSAF and receive a Siret number to declare staff salary and calculating national contribution due (URSSAF, Garp, Crav…)
  • Registering a representative in France that will fulfil all legal and financial obligations (of which he will be personally responsible)

LPG Paris has unique expertise in managing the salaries of staff foreign companies management in France and helps them declare national contributions.