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Our mission as chartered accountants in Paris is to manage the accounting and the legal obligations, such as taxation, of companies.

It can be very useful to have the assistance and guidance of an accounting firm in Paris when organizing and presenting accounting records as well as managing the legal aspects of your company. LPG Paris is here to assist you with all these needs.

Accounting obligations of traders

1- The Commercial Code requires all traders (natural or legal person) the following obligations:

• The chronological recording of movements affecting their finances.

The obligation to record movements affecting wealth chronologically leads to the recording of receivables and debts at the time they occur, and not when they are collected or disbursed (treasury accounting), except in the case of exceptions for small individual enterprises.

• Record assets and liabilities, at least once a year.
• Presenting financial records (balance sheet, income statement and balance sheet’s notes) established after accounting records and inventory.
• Keep all accounting documents.

2- Required accounting books:

• The compact journal
• The general ledger
• The inventory ledger

The compact journal and the inventory ledger are as detailed and even split into different compact journals and special ledgers as needed to meet requirements.

The implementation of broad accounting principles may be delicate. As chartered accountants in Paris, LPG Paris can assist you in all your accounting missions.